Meet the Team

With a wide range of experience from Google to Consensys to Messari, we have the network to help you grow from inception to scale. We have deep relationships across both Web2 and Web3 to help from technical resources to follow-on funding.

Rune Bentien
Rune Bentien
General Partner
  • Investments and Ops

  • Ex-Google

  • Ex-Consensys Ventures

Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly
Founding Partner
  • Community, Strategy, Token Design & Launch Support

  • Crypto native

Shannon Low
Shannon Low
Venture Partner - GEMS
  • Gaming, Entertainment, Music & Social

  • Ex-Google Play Director

Josh Maxwell
Josh Daniels
Venture Partner - Enterprise
  • Near Foundation Advisor

  • Ex-Goldman Sachs, Ex-Consensys

Paul Joe
Paul Joe
Research & Venture Analyst
  • Due Diligence, Product Research, & Token Design

  • HeliCarrier, Messari Hub Analyst

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